Organic Chocolate Brownie Mix

We recently tried Dr. Oetker’s Organics chocolate brownie mix.

It is the lowest maintenance brownie mix. It only asks you to have three items on hand: butter, eggs and a baking pan. It also asks for melted butter in the recipe. Since we tend to not plan things ahead of time, it’s a guarantee that we never have the time to wait until the butter is at room temperature. So melted butter works out quite well for people like us. Stir, stir, stir and after baking for 35 minutes TA DA! You get yourself moist and delicious, but not overly sweet, pan of brownies. Also, since it’s organic, it’s almost a guilt-free dessert.

Our family loves Dr. Oetker’s Organics brownie mix so much because we can make this in an instant.

Organic Brownie Mix
Front Cover
Organic Brownie Mix
Organic Brownie Mix
Preparation Steps

We got our Dr. Oetker’s at Whole Foods Market. Treat you and your loved ones to this soon!

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I am always a fan of chocolate. Actually this is the first time i have seen this lowest maintenance brownie mix. I cant wait to have one of this.

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