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In our home, we currently only have one bathroom, which sometimes becomes a dilemma when we have guests over. But for most of the time, this situation works well for both of us because well, it’s just the two of us. We both have very different schedules. The Husband goes to work in the morning and the Wife gets to sleep in, almost every day (HURRAH!). There’s never been a fight about who gets to use the restroom first. Not yet, at least. Another reason that it’s great to have a single-bathroom situation is that the wife only has to clean ONE bathroom. Say no more!

So, I recently purchased the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber at Target to replace an ordinary sponge, the kind that is used for dishwashing, to clean the said bathroom.

I had high hopes for this sponge. One because it’s intended specifically to clean bathrooms and two, cleaning a bathroom is somewhat therapeutic for me. It’s a stress-relief activity. But having a second bathroom would have made cleaning a chore. Anyway, I used the Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Bath Scrubber to clean the ceramic tile and grout. The scrubber contains a soap scum eliminating solution, is shaped for easy gripping and corner cleaning, and smells great. These qualities were well and good. Sadly, they end there.

The manufacturer also claimed that this scrubber is more durable, compared to the Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Original. I found this claim to be very much lacking, almost non-existent in this product. A side note: I have never tried the original version. But if they said that this one was more durable, I’m afraid to imagine how the Magic Eraser Original would be. Remember I said that we only have one bathroom to clean and that bathroom only contains one tub and one sink? Yeah? Ok! Let’s just say that the scrubber did not withstand my rigorous cleaning usage. It tore when I used it to clean the corners and the grouts. It ripped in several places. At the end, the surface of the scrubber just fell apart into little pieces and as I was finishing up, I would find small sand/ grit-like particles in the bath tub.


At almost 4 dollars for a two-pack box (sales tax not included), which makes each scrubber costs almost 2 dollars, it’s a very expensive cleaning product to buy. Especially, if the scrubbers do not live up to the manufacturer’s promise. I still have one more scrubber to use. After that, I think I may just go back to my good ol’ dishwashing sponge. It is not fancy. It can be used repeatedly. It certainly does not cost 2 dollars per sponge and the best one yet, it does not come with any promises that it can’t keep. It just requires an extra shot of elbow grease. Well, hey, it makes the end result a bit more satisfying. After all, this is supposed to be therapeutic, right?

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