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How to Setup a Home Security System

I’m not going to lie to you. There are a myriad ways to set up a home security system. This post is merely an attempt to save you the time and pick a system that has worked for us – SimpliSafe. Clearly, if you live in the United States and are fairly close to an urban area you’ve been inundated with offers for free home security systems. In our case, every time we received an offer we soon started wondering “Are we safe?”.

If anything, these “Free Home Security System” offers forced us to do our homework. We did our research only to find out that these so-called free offers were essentially three-year contracts with hefty fees for breaking out of the contract and with very limited capabilities for expanding or enhancing the security system without a contractor. Yet, we also found out that there was a benefit with using a security system – lower home or rental insurance and perhaps most important of all – piece of mind from the sense of safety.

After months of reading home security system reviews from various consumer magazines and lurking on home security system forums we decided to take the plunge and invest in the SimpliSafe home security system.

I’ll cover the steps for guiding you through the process of buying the system, not that you need my help, since the SimpliSafe website is intuitive and their customer service even better, but below is the SimpliSafe system we received:

Each piece in the system was customized and pre-programmed by SimpliSafe to our exact wants and with the simple goal of ensuring that you can set up your home security system in under 10 minutes.

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I went through the site and its all about sensors. Do you have some gadget to let us know who triggered the siren? a camera maybe or what.
Hoping for your answer here or mail me.



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