Vornado AVH4 vs. Vornado AVH2

Vornado AVH4

We did our homework and confirmed that Vornado heaters are a good investment for homes trying to save some money on their heating bills. From the Vornado website, the marketing pitch for their heaters is:

Vornado Energy Efficient Heaters are technically different from traditional space heaters. Vornado small heaters are more energy-efficient thanks to unique vortex action which circulates heat evenly throughout the room. More efficient air movement saves energy and allows Vornado energy-efficient electric heaters to warm an entire room faster than other space heaters! And with a Vornado, there are no “blind spots” in the circulation of warm air, because the air is constantly being heated and re-circulated. Unlike conventional air heaters Vornado makes sure that every bit of heat energy it generates is used well.

In order to save even more money on this purchase we decided to try to buy the Vornado heater from Bed, Bath and Beyond using one of the famous 20% coupons. Look familiar?

However, try as we might, we could not find the Vornado AVH2 for sale either online or at the retail Bed, Bath and Beyond store. We ended up buying the Vornado AVH4 which comes with the same standard 5 year warranty, has the cool touch case, the automatic safety shut off system, the automatic tip-over protection and the thermostat as well.

I was still curious what the main difference was between the AVH2 and the AVH4, so I ended up calling Vornado at (800) 234-0604 and discovered that aside from the AVH4 being exclusive to Bed, Bath and Beyond, the other primary difference is that the AVH4 is manufactured in China. If you’re looking for a good Vornado heater that is manufactured in the United States, then the AVH2 is the heater to get.


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