Some interesting facts I stumbled on via the Whirlpool Corporation Fact Sheet:

Basic Facts

  • Of the products we make, more than 80 percent of those sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S.
  • Whirlpool exports approximately 12 percent of its U.S. made products to other countries.
  • 7,500 jobs that support our global operations are located in the U.S.
  • Additional exported products help fund additional U.S. investments.

Operations Investment

  • Each year Whirlpool Corporation spends more than $7.4 billion to operate its nine U.S. plants and keep its approximately 15,000 manufacturing employees at work.
  • Whirlpool employs more U.S. manufacturing workers than all of its major┬ácompetitors combined.

Remind me again why we’re looking at Whirlpool appliances for our kitchen?

Made in America = Rare

Made in America = Pride

Made in America = Whirlpool

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  1. America made Whirpool a household name, thank you for staying here. It’s very American to stay here and keep this country great. Things have got to change in Washington DC, or look out we will become Socialist. No matter what Obama says, we are a Christian Nation.
    Sincerely, Roberta and I’m made in the USA

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