About Us

We’re a family of three trying to figure out how to live a healthy, wealthy and wise life. This sounds all warm and cozy but at the root of this goal is the simple fact that small families, such as ours, make many decisions every day which can potentially impact our environment, neighbors and town.

In trying to ensure that we were living life to the fullest, we bought a starter home in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania in 2009. Over the past few months we’ve realized that living life to the fullest translates to living a life of home, dinner, garden projects and more.

Through simple purchases that can help support a small business, to larger transactions that can alter our lifestyles, we have tried to document our experiences, both good and bad. Through the site, you’ll hear words from balancing between wants and needs, using eco-friendly products without compromising or settling for a less effective product, being frugal but not cheap, and most of all, indulging in simple luxuries that help make the routine worth every moment.

Join us in our journey as we try to live a healthy, wealthy and wise life.

Us walking in a park in Washington D.C.