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Standby power, vampire power, phantom loads, leaking electricity equals unnecessary increase in an electric bill power. Whatever you want to call it, standby power is the power consumed by a product when in the lowest power consuming mode—typically when the product is switched off or not performing its primary purpose.

Some products that you can use to try and eliminate standby power:

Bye Bye Standby Power

Being a Reliable Man Thu, 06 Sep 2012 11:38:16 +0000

The reliable man gains a reputation for integrity.

Source: Being a Reliable Man

Kids Crafts for Fall Tue, 04 Sep 2012 13:40:49 +0000

Such a great idea for crafts for the summer, or all year long.

Sign up for a monthly subscription to Kiwi Crate and receive a crate filled with materials and inspiration  each month. Kiwi Crate hand selects kid tested projects that are open ended and encourage curiosity, exploration and creativity.

Lansdowne Theater Fundraiser‏ Thu, 19 May 2011 03:20:41 +0000

The Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation is holding a fundraising dinner at Sycamore on Tuesday May 24, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. From the information I received in the e-mail, the evening will cost $75 per person, but includes dinner, a short update on the project and potentially a brief visit of the theater as well. Frequent readers of Memeza know that Sycamore was recently rated one of the top 25 restaurants in the Philadelphia region so you know the entire evening will be worth every penny.

Proceeds from this dinner will go to the Historic Lansdowne Theater to help restore the Lansdowne Theater. The theme for the menu is “Food and Wine from the great Wine Regions of the World.” Sycamore’s Chef Jacobson will prepare dishes and select wines to pair with each dish.

To make your reservation visit Sycamore on the web or call the restaurant at (484) 461-2867.

Chevron Rug Wed, 09 Mar 2011 03:58:25 +0000 It’s not the Madeline Weinrib Zig Zag Rug but it’s a close second.


A day at the Lansdowne Farmers Market Sat, 31 Jul 2010 15:51:10 +0000

Another awesome day in Lansdowne, PA.

Cash for Appliances Sun, 01 Nov 2009 05:35:06 +0000 If you’re in the market for new appliances keep an eye out for the Cash for Clunkers for Appliances program that the U.S. Department of Energy’s is putting together. This is a $300 million State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program that may help consumers looking for new appliances.

Consumer Reports has a great set of Frequently Asked Questions related to the program.

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Clouds Tue, 08 Sep 2009 02:36:40 +0000 Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Here at Memeza, we spent most of the weekend in the garden since the weather was perfect for some labor. Clouds in the sky and less sun make for perfect gardening weather.

Speaking of clouds, earlier today, we decided to enable a new feature on our blog called RSS Cloud. Our RSS feed is available at Memeza RSS Feed. But you’re probably wondering, what is RSS? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it’s a way for people to subscribe to updates on our blog using a client like Google Reader or Bloglines. Right now how most people interact with feeds is by checking that it updated every now and then, usually about once an hour. Can you imagine waiting an hour to get your emails? RSS Cloud is an extra element in our RSS feed that allows you to say “Hey, let me know as soon as you’ve updated the site.”

RSS Cloud is an element that’s always been present but has drawn new attention with the rise of interest in the Real-Time Web. The implications of this big vote of support go beyond reading blogs. According to ReadWriteWeb, this is the kind of traction that new technologies can leverage to gain support in many different applications.

So, with the goal of staying wise, here’s one feature that we’re trying to stay ahead of the curve.