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Philadelphia Ork Poster

An awesome map of Philadelphia that will get you nowhere but totally make a great addition to your bare wall.


Visit Ork Posters to purchase the map or similar maps for Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Great Lakes, Los Angeles, Manhattan, NYC, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Washington DC.


Hallway Lights

We recently decided it was time to change the lights in our hall way. When deciding on what lights to use in the hall way it is helpful to determine what areas of the hall way you are trying to brighten. In our case we wanted extra light in the staircase area, the main hall way and the closet in the hall way. Instead of installing three lights, we picked up a nice set of track lights from Home Depot and replaced the previous light fixture. In essence, the steps you follow are:

  1. Pick a Track Standard
  2. Ensure you have sufficient area for laying out the track and power
  3. Choose the type of lamps or lamp covers
  4. Choose the bulbs to fit the lamp covers and provide the brightness you need

Stairway 1