Pennsylvania Contractor Lookup

One of the great things about living in Pennsylvania is that in 2008, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act.  The law requires that all contractors who perform at least $5,000 worth of home improvements per year register with the Attorney General’s Office. Even better, Pennsylvania allows you to view information about any registered contractor online through the List of Registered Pennsylvania Contractors or the Home Improvement Consumer Information site.


Kitchen Update

Unfortunately our decision to use C. DeStefano and Sons for our kitchen and basement projects appears to have been a bad one.

The contractor, Chuck DeStefano, his sons, Justin DeStefano and Damian DeStefano appear to have abandoned the project. For the last month we have been trying to reach Chuck DeStefano by phone at  (484) 688-4407 and left voice mails, sent him e-mails and a physical mail too. Sadly, he has not responded.

With any project, there is a feeling of joy to see it from a vision to completion. This is not the case with our project. Having a half finished basement and a rushed job to finish kitchen make you realize that all the money you set aside to complete a project has been wasted on the wrong contractor.

For a person who talked a lot about word of mouth and ensuring his customers were happy, he has clearly let us down. Lesson learned, do your home work to avoid contractors like C. DeStefano and Sons.


Very Useful Box

Sold in the United States as the Really Useful Box our family has started  to use these at home because of the perfect size choices and some of these really useful features:

  •  Stacks with or without the lids
  • Strong construction
  • No fluff sides to maximise storage capacity
  • Contents tend to stay in the same position whilst in the box
  • Flat bottom
  • Great for homes with toddlers because of the anti tamper system and locking mechanism to prevent the lid separating from the box
  • Available in a wide range of colors including transparent allowing you to see the contents of the box
  • Easy to mix and match different colors for base, lid and handles