Stainless Steel Steamer Basket

We’re big fans of stainless steel products, including our lemon squeezer. When it came time to finding a steamer for making our own baby food we decided to invest in a stainless steel product as well.

This time we opted for Progressive’s Steamer Basket. Unlike Tramontina’s product line, Progressive’s tend to be slightly more affordable and available at national stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond.

Unfortunately, the availability and affordability comes with a cost as the product doesn’t feel as sturdy as the Tramontina product line. So, while we’re not going to be recommending the product to serious chef’s, it does work as a frugal solution, especially since we’re trying to use this for making our own baby food.

With the steamer, it’s a breeze to make baby food and in our case we’ve followed the steps below to make everything from sweet potatoes to apple sauce:

  1. Wash and dice the vegetables or fruit to be steamed
  2. Fill a pot with enough water so that the bottom of the steamer basket touches the water
  3. Place the diced vegetables or fruit into the steamer basket and place it in the pot
  4. Cover the pot with a lid and place the pot on the stove and turn it to medium heat
  5. Steam the vegetables or fruit until you can pierce them with a fork or mash them with a fork
  6. Remove the steam basket when the vegetables or fruit are finished. We save the water to use during the puree process.
  7. Puree the vegetables or fruit

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