Lansdowne Theater Fundraiser‏

The Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation is holding a fundraising dinner at Sycamore on Tuesday May 24, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. From the information I received in the e-mail, the evening will cost $75 per person, but includes dinner, a short update on the project and potentially a brief visit of the theater as well. Frequent readers of Memeza know that Sycamore was recently rated one of the top 25 restaurants in the Philadelphia region so you know the entire evening will be worth every penny.

Proceeds from this dinner will go to the Historic Lansdowne Theater to help restore the Lansdowne Theater. The theme for the menu is “Food and Wine from the great Wine Regions of the World.” Sycamore’s Chef Jacobson will prepare dishes and select wines to pair with each dish.

To make your reservation visit Sycamore on the web or call the restaurant at (484) 461-2867.


Lansdowne Theater Marquee Restoration Underway

I just received an e-mail from the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation.

Using grants from the Greater Lansdowne Civic Association and a Community Development Building Grant from Delaware County the restoration of the theater marquee has begun.

Project architect Farewell Mills Gatsch took measurements, inspected structural elements, and began the process to develop plans/specifications that will enable the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation to bid the project this spring. Individual steel letters that spell LANSDOWNE, long stored in the theater attic, will be restored and relit with their original neon. The restored sign will include energy efficient lighting, but will appear as it has since it installation c. 1940.

Look for the marquee to be fully restored around Labor Day.

Kudos to all involved with making this happen. You can be part of helping restore the Lansdowne Theater. Visit the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation site for more information.