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Downsizing a cell phone bill

For the past year, we’ve maintained three cell phones in a two person household. Initially the work phone was a perfect addition to my constant need, a.k.a handicap of checking e-mail 24 * 7. I’m working on that, but my handicaps are good stories for another day. However, after reviewing our cell phone bill it was clear that we were paying for a cell phone plan that was more than what we needed to use. Using BillShrink we were able to compare plans from various cell phone vendors and in the end concluded that switching to a pre-paid plan was the best option for us.

From spending $40/ month on a post-paid plan and barely using all the minutes, we switched to a $10/ month pre-paid plan. The great thing about  making the switch now is that most cell phone vendors allow you the ability to port or transfer your number between different vendors as well as different plans.

If you haven’t taken a look at your cell phone plan in the last 2 years, now may be a great time to start shopping around.

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