How to reduce your standby power use

How to reduce your standby power use

Standby power, vampire power, phantom loads, leaking electricity equals unnecessary increase in an electric bill power. Whatever you want to call it, standby power is the power consumed by a product when in the lowest power consuming mode—typically when the product is switched off or not performing its primary purpose. Some products that you can use to […]

Save American Theaters

I was reading an article in the Philly Inquirer this morning titled TLA Video closing its Center City store and the NY Times Once Palaces, Now Chain Stores came to mind. Seriously, if you’re able to, save historical buildings, especially ones where the arts flourished. You can start with the Lansdowne Theater.

How Can I Retire Early

A frequent thought that pops in my mind, “Can I retire early?”. A great answer to this question? Spend less than you earn – invest the surplus – avoid debt.

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